1927: Establishing of a joint purchasing centre

16 pharmacists in Western Switzerland establish a joint purchasing centre under the name of «Collaboration Pharmaceutique SA».


    1932: New name: Galenica Ltd.

    The purchasing centre flourishes and the range of products becomes popular countrywide. The head office is transferred to Bern and the company is renamed Galenica Ltd.


      1938: Launch of a scientific documentation service

      A scientific documentation service is launched as a logical addition to the wholesale business.


        1957: Creation of Galenica Representations Ltd. (now Alloga Ltd.)

        Galenica Representations Ltd. is established in 1957, offering logistical and administrative services to the pharmaceutical industry in its capacity as a prewholesaler.


          1999: Partnership with Alliance UniChem

          In 1999, Alloga enters into a strategic partnership with the pan-European group Alliance UniChem, enabling the company to make further inroads into the European market. 


            1999: Groundbreaking ceremony of new headquarters in Burgdorf

            On 12 July 1999, the groundbreaking ceremony takes place for the new distribution centre in Burgdorf, and the centre is opened on 20 December 1999.


              2000: Move to Burgdorf

              In May 2000, Galenica Representations Ltd. moves to Burgdorf. The new infrastructure results in a 45% increase in capacity. From 1995 to 2000, growth of 250% is recorded, which is the impetus behind the expansion.


                2001: Galenica Representations Ltd. becomes Alloga Ltd.

                The Galenica Group introduces its new corporate identity, including a change of name from Galenica Representations Ltd. to Alloga Ltd.


                  2001: Alloga Europe created

                  Alliance UniChem renames its prewholesaler Alloga Europe in spring 2001, and sets up logistics centres in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


                    2004: Expansion

                    In 2004, storage capacity in Burgdorf is doubled with the construction of an extension building.


                      2005: Alloga Switzerland remains 100% owned by Galenica Group

                      In 2005, the joint venture with Alloga Europe is dissolved. UniChem becomes the 100% owner of Alloga Europe, while Alloga Switzerland remains 100% owned by Galenica.


                        2009: Small-order picking machine commissioned

                        From 2009, Alloga Ltd. uses picking machines to pick small orders.


                          2009: Integration of Globopharm Ltd.

                          In 2009, Alloga Ltd. takes over Globopharm Ltd., doubling its number of pharmaceutical partners.


                            2011: Introduction of Alloga SC Box

                            From winter 2011, the proprietary Alloga SC Box is used by Alloga to ship refrigerated products.


                              2015: Expansion of technical rooms

                              From 2015, Alloga Ltd. has 13 technical rooms, which are used to store products with special properties (e.g. flammable, odorous, etc.).


                                2016: Ultra-low temperature logistics (-80°C)

                                From 2016, Alloga Ltd. offers ultra-low temperature logistics (-80°C) for the pharmaceutical industry.


                                  2017: 60 years of Alloga Ltd.

                                  Alloga Ltd. celebrates its 60th anniversary.


                                    2017: Comprehensive temperature-controlled transport (15–25°C)

                                    From 2017, Alloga is the first prewholesaler for pharma logistics to offer comprehensive, actively temperature-controlled transport, thereby meeting the requirements of the revised GDP guidelines in full.


                                      2017: Cold room expanded

                                      In 2017, the capacity of the cold room is expanded. With a direct truck docking system linked to the cold room, Alloga is one of the first pharmaceutical logistics providers to guarantee an intact cold chain at 2–8°C.