Storage and temperature ranges


Alloga offers 6 storage areas, managed according to GDP guidelines
(Good Distribution Practices):


This area includes 40,000 pallet spaces.


This zone includes 2,500 pallet spaces and a direct docking option for the delivery of refrigerated goods. The uninterrupted cold chain under controlled temperature is thus guaranteed from delivery to storage, order preparation and delivery to the customer.

Bereich Kühlware

Our freezers are integrated in the cooling range 2-8°C, which is necessary for the careful storage of special pharmaceutical products.

Bereich Tiefkühlware

This cooling area includes 30 storage slots for the careful storage of special heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals in ultra-low freezers or chests.


This area includes 1,400 storage locations for the storage of products with special properties.
This includes 8 fire protection rooms, 2 of which are explosion-proof.

Storage area in Burgdorf